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It also includes visualizations through customizable dashboards as well as easy import your data through Excel and CSV. A rating of 4.1 stars in Capterra and 4.2 in G2Crowd, makes Mopinion a software worth looking into. From many types of enterprise application software, SurveyMonkey claims to be trusted by 98% of Fortune 500 companies enterprise software categories and is one of the most popular solution on the market. It offers a centralized admin dashboard and audit logs for managing and tracking user activity but also easy onboarding and enterprise-level security. You can also integrate your survey data into more than 80 external apps such as Salesforce, Marketo or Oracle Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce CRM caters to the customer relationship needs of different industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, consumer goods, energy, communication, financial services, and nonprofits. The bigger your business gets, the more complex and time-consuming its processes become, especially when you are managing these processes manually. And with custom software, your first step will be searching for trusted enterprise developers. If none of the tools on the market reach 60% of the max score, you might be better off with a custom solution.

SaaS software is cloud-based and easily accessible from various devices with an internet connection. Enterprise software companies offer products or services designed for larger companies rather than small ones to support their operational and strategic initiatives. A content management system is a software tool used for creating, managing, and modifying a website without needing specialized technical knowledge. Here are some of the must-have business process management and automation features.

enterprise software categories

Enterprise application software publishers are constantly working to improve their products, and a high value has been attached to integrative ability in the organizational environment. The ability to share and integrate data across platforms, towers, and functions is one of the most critical attributes of enterprise software and the backbone of enterprise software strategy. To provide even better service to customers, customer support solutions often integrate with the best CRM software tools. This provides customer support reps with more contextual data about a customer, such as their purchase history and previous interactions with your business. Every enterprise has unique business needs and to address these enterprise needs through software, companies develop software solutions.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

With the right enterprise software, a business can optimize workflows, increase productivity and build its bottom line. Every year, Panorama analyzes industry trends to understand organizations’ selection and implementation practices when it comes to enterprise software. No single software application can facilitate all the needs of an organization. In most cases, there are specialized EAS applications suited for different requirements of the organization. However, its importance is further emphasized in an enterprise environment as this software facilitates the mission-critical function of the organization. The software should be able to scale according to the growing business needs without compromising stability or functionality.

Night Shyamalan, enterprise software is making a resurgence and is suddenly trendy again. With these tools, enterprise-level project and marketing teams can easily collaborate on important issues irrespective of where they are in the world and achieve their goals seamlessly. Enterprise CRM software helps to effectively manage every part of their sales and customer relationship workflow, foster stronger client relationships, and help organizations maximize customer feedback.

enterprise software categories

While your ERP platform can help you oversee many supply chain functions, more specialized organizations may require a standalonesupply chain management software solution. As these services are delivered as managed solutions, enterprises can free themselves from managing this software and hardware resource while only being responsible for the configurations. On top of that, solutions like Microsoft Dynamics support on-premises deployments that enable enterprises to facilitate hybrid environments where sensitive data resides within the enterprise-managed system. This feature allows enterprises to leverage the advantages of both cloud-based and on-premises deployments. Audits help in improving the testing process, and it helps organizations keep a check on the progress of the software testing process. It is important to audit the testing process to identify issues and come up with better solutions which can help greatly in the long run.

Enhance employee productivity

Over the years, enterprise software has infamously attracted the reputation of being bureaucratic and slow. However, thanks to improved performance and better software models, enterprise software is now a reliable, fast, and effective solution for businesses. Let’s look into the most common types of enterprise application software that have the potential to foster sustainable business growth. Enterprise applications can automate routine tasks, improve client relationships, and increase the company’s bottom line via higher efficiency or direct revenue. The bigger the enterprise, the harder it is to search for good job candidates. There are dozens of routine tasks that can be automated with HRM software like hiring, payroll management, workforce planning, performance management, payroll, reporting, employee training and engagement.

This technology manages marketing processes and campaigns across large channels. This software tool boosts employee productivity by accurately tracking employee attendance and work time with ease and providing error-free reporting. Zoho People integrates with other software products from Zoho such as Zoho CRM, Zoho Recruit, Zoho Books, and Zoho Projects. PLM solution goes beyond the manufacturing stage, it helps to integrate key resources, thereby, making product information accessible to all teams in the organization.

2 Customer Relationships Management(CRM)

Application software sits on top of the system software and provides different functionality to users. This software can range from a simple email client or a web browser to more complex applications such as games, CAD and video editing software, AI and ML software, and software to build software. A process-driven user experience that displays a self-guiding process map, live progress bars for each step and one-click navigation to any view or task.

This online software allows the management of employee databases, workforce and improves HR processes. Zoho People is flexible, affordable, and can be used in various sectors such as media and advertising, healthcare, education, finance, and information technology. Microsoft Power BI offers data modeling tools and its self-Service Power Query to prepare, work on, enrich, and optimize your data. This software provides top-notch security such as compliance certifications including HIPAA and FedRamp. This software tool offers real-time automation, large data support, and empowers your team to discover helpful insights into your data. You can get insights from over 100 data sources including both on-premise and cloud sources.

Attempts to improve it frequently introduce sampling techniques that increase the risk of overlooking discrepancies. Data SecurityEvery enterprise software must offer high levels of data security. Software companies have lots of confidential data, which the enterprise software must protect through authorizations, authentications, and more. High CustomizationsThird-party enterprise software doesn’t offer many customizations.

Business Intelligence Tools

The word “enterprise”—and therefore “enterprise software”—has acquired somewhat of a pejorative connotation over the years. People would often perceive enterprises as being slow, bureaucratic, and stagnant. Enterprise software, by extension, was often considered bloated, slow, ugly, and hard to use, especially when compared to the trendy apps published by the hottest startups.

enterprise software categories

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Empowering Partners with Presales Tools for the Autonomous Digital Enterprise

Large corporations require a powerful software solution to cater to their requirements. Enterprise software solutions help reduce human error, increase productivity, and centralize workflows. They can be integrated with other business software tools to serve the needs of your company. Enterprise software tools are applications and technologies used in solving the needs of large organizations. These applications handle a wide range of business and management needs in companies or organizations such as large businesses, corporations, large nonprofits, and government agencies. When you reach a certain size, your business processes become too complex and time-consuming to be managed manually.


Whether it’s a large organization or a small organization, its overall operations will be based on specific modules or systems that must be addressed. Try a free instance of the Plutora Release Management QuickStart and quickly get access to powerful tools to standardize and streamline your workflows. Enterprise Resource Planning software functions by sourcing out business models, digitizing them, and creating complex networks between each model. With Magento, you enjoy features such as order management, inventory management, and multi-channel management. With WordPress, you can join over 43% of the web to build your site on WordPress, create an online store, and start a blog.

Most Popular Online Payment Gateways to Consider for Your Mobile App

The system automatically selects an available editor and guides them through the review process. They can pass an article to the next stage of the review, decline it, or return for revisions with a single click. Our Business Analyst inspected the workflow and designed a solution to streamline the publishing process. Their revenue comes from the authors who wanted to publish scientific works and from the people who wanted to download their articles. An invoicing module allows them to create invoices and reports with a couple of clicks. The platform automatically calculates cost per ad response taking data from calls, SMS, and Google Analytics .

Customer support software solutions provide a unified platform for communicating with your customers, providing advice and assistance, and resolving their queries and requests. It reduces payroll errors, provides a reliable system for detailed record keeping, enables employee self-service, and helps organizations to remain compliant with state and federal employment and tax laws. is an all-rounded, web-based project management tool that puts a lot of focus on process visualization. acts as a central place from where businesses can manage all their operations, and is particularly suited to project and workflow management. When looking for enterprise solutions, you can either build your own custom enterprise software in-house, or invest in ready-made enterprise software solutions.

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